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What is an enema?

The procedure in which a liquid solution is introduced through the anus, into the body via the colon.

What is the colon?

The Colon is the last 5-7 feet of your digestive system; also known as the large intestine. The organ that collects ALL TOXIC WASTE from the entire Body Complex: all cells, organs & all glands. It collects everything that the body MUST get rid of in order to stay alive. A dirty colon is equivalent to an overflowing stinky trash can. Get with the times and CLEAN OUT the grimes!

How can an enema cleanse the WHOLE body?

Simple: The colon absorbs whatever it contains, directly into the blood stream & your blood runs throughout your entire Body Complex. When the colon is less toxic, your blood is less toxic. Circulating cleaner blood allows the body to cleanse & function more efficiently.

Are enemas dangerous?

Enemas rinse the dirtiest part of the body, and save the body from the burden of reabsorbing toxins. If relieving your body of VARIOUS FORMS of toxicity is considered unsafe, then health would be considered a crime.

How long does a Rejuva Jar® Detox take?

The average retention enema is 15-30 minutes…This is why we call Rejuva Jar® the Ultimate 30 minute Detox! Please allow 15-30 minutes for preparation of your solution and sanctuary.

Is Rejuva Jar® reusable?

YES! Rejuva Jar® is a Premium Enema Device that is designed to last a lifetime. That is what makes Rejuva Jar® Your favorite Detox; once You buy it, it’s YOURS 4 LIFE. Always follow the proper cleaning instructions to ensure life-long use.

How often can I use my Rejuva Jar®?

As often as you would like! The best part of DIY colon cleansing @ home is that you are in control and you chose how often you want to cleanse. Research shows that enemas can be administered multiple times a day.

I don't eat healthy, can I Rejuva Jar®?

BUTT OF COURSE! If your body is a victim of being fed in-organic “food stuffs” or the “standard American Diet”, that should give You even MORE of a reason to use Rejuva Jar®! You don’t have to change anything to use a Rejuva Jar®. Rejuva Jar® will ALWAYS aid Your body in the REMOVAL of toxins NO MATTER WHAT Your lifestyle or diet consists of.

I poop regularly, why do I need to Rejuva Jar®?

Just because you poop regularly doesn’t mean your colon isn’t holding onto deadly toxins in the nooks and crannies of it’s intricate shape. Most serious dis-Ease does not make itself known until it is already initiated. The enema process will allow you to remove sneaky toxins that destroy health, even if you are unaware of their presence. Don’t prevent health, prevent the lack of it.

Why is the enema a universal health procedure?

The colon is UNIQUELY connected to every single gland & organ in the human body through a network of nerve endings. If you are experiencing discomfort anywhere in the body, it is POSSIBLE that a single enema can clear out the toxicity causing the pain or discomfort in the corresponding body part.

Is Rejuva Jar a Colon cleanse that I drink?

No, Rejuva Jar® works by introducing liquid detox solutions into the Colon and, in turn, directly into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestion acids that can INTERFERE with oral administered detoxes. * Please Note: when doing any kind of detox that is taken orally, the ingredients will trigger the body to dump all of the toxic waste directly into the colon for removal. In this case, we highly recommend Rejuva Jar® to be used along side any other type of detox regiment for the best results possible & the least amount of detox side effects.

Ok, WHY should I put coffee up my butt?!

Our Organic Detox Coffee contains a very specific combination of compounds that, when administered into the body by BYPASSING digestion (hence, “Putting it up Your Butt”), Organic Detox Coffee has a “one-of-a-kind” Healing Potential that is UNIVERSALLY BENEFICIAL 4 EVERY-BODY. Within 10 minutes of a Rejuva Jar session with Organic Detox Coffee, this is what happens: 1.) Your liver releases the “master antioxidant”, Glutathione, into the bloodstream in HYPER-ACCELERATED quantities. 2.) You liver is signaled to dump toxins into the colon for removal. *This will INSTANTLY reduce blood toxicity & amplify brain function, boost immunity by increasing probiotics through the removal of parasites, worms, microorganisms that kill your gut Flora. Also this will reduce inflammation in the body and the gut that can lead to digestive disorders, headaches and most aches and pains throughout the body.

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